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Elumium Residential

The most advanced way to communicate with your tenants

Keep your residents

With an Elumium app connecting Property Managers, Concierge teams, Maintenance and more with your tenants, you can rest easy knowing that communication is flowing properly, residential data is secure and up to date, and nothing is being missed by staff or tenants.

Say goodbye to wasted time producing unread newsletters, printing posters and delivering parcel slips.

Give tenants and owners peace of mind with a real time connection to their homes and the people tasked with looking after it.

Branded & Bespoke

Your app comes customised and branded to the development resulting in total adoption

Knowledge is power

Empower your residents with all the information they need for life in their new home

Chat Messaging Channels

Enable quick communication by providing channels managers and residents want to use

Realtime Announcements

Need to update everyone or a specific group? Use a real time feed to replace posters and newsletters

Mailroom Madness?

A state of the art mailroom system for secure and speedy parcel logging and collections

Elumium allows us to manage parcels and message residents in a few clicks. This has given the concierge team hours back each day.
Felipe Cardini
Facilities Coordinator - Kings Chelsea

Elumium for Sales and Marketing

The world's most advanced property sales collateral

Send your buyers

Set your development apart from the others and leave a real impression on anyone who leaves your marketing suite. Instead of the boring brochures and unwieldy pdfs, give your potential buyer a living application they can browse and share with friends and family at any time.

Follow up with them in the dedicated sales chat channel and address any questions or concerns they may have after they leave.

With this powerful new connection you can provide everything they may need to sign on the dotted line.

Boosted Brochures

Provide comprehensive and rich info in the palm of the buyer's hand

Instant Answers

Address questions and concerns instantly via a dedicated chat channel

Development Updates

Keep buyers in the loop on changing availability, events and special offers

Local Area Guide

Introduce a buyer to the best their new neighbourhood has to offer


Boost the value of your property and enable the people within to connect and communicate in the best possible way

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