Instant communication

The Elumium app platform allows you to post announcements, send messages and notifications to a resident’s mobile app.

Share vital information

Create a digital guidebook to introduce residents to important information and documents relating to their new home.

Log parcels & keys quicker

Parcel and Key management made simple with our intuitive app that allows near-instantaneous logging without the hassle.

Supercharge security

Cutting edge authentication with digital resident and guest profiles allows you to be confident in your exchanges and building security.


Take care of your residents.

Introduce your residents to their incredible new home and all the fantastic services and amenities they have available to them.

Local area guide

Highlight all the must see/eat/go places in their neighbourhood and guide them right from their pocket.

No more binders

Provide every user manual along with other frequently requested documents digitally where they are always up to date and can never go missing.

Communicate better.

Let residents know about the important things the right way.

The power of push notifications

Residents are notified the instant their parcels arrive or when keys are withdrawn and more importantly by whom.

No more printing

Send newsletters, event invites and maintenance updates without the cost of printing and putting up posters.

Get repair reports in seconds instead of days

With a dedicated chat channel for maintenance, residents can request repairs with photos in a couple of clicks.


Let us help you add value to your development.

Our sales team can help simplify your operations and get set up with the right solution to meet your building's needs.

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